We understand that to sell an aircraft in today’s world requires as much technical innovation as it does professional presentation. You need to partner with a broker who is at the leading edge of digital promotion and marketing as well as one who can effectively utilize available print ads. Noland Aviation leads the way in both. We were one of the first to incorporate digital logbooks and records for viewing directly from our website and continue to innovate today with a new mobile version of our website.

Today’s corporate aircraft buyer is more immersed and time constrained than ever before. When it is time to consider purchasing a specific aircraft, they need to be able to get as much information about it before ever making first contact. Many other brokers purposefully leave out key details in their ads hoping to spark interest that will lead to a first contact phone call. We at Noland Aviation take a diametrically opposed approach. We make as much information available at the prospective buyer’s fingertips as possible through detailed photographs, descriptions, spec sheets and maintenance records. We believe this approach places our aircraft ahead of the competition and leads to legitimate contacts. Typically our aircraft sell to one of the first five contacts we receive. Our theories are proven with the speed at which we sell our aircraft while the competition remains unsold.

We also understand that today’s aircraft market is very much a global venture. The overseas markets are more active today than ever before. A successful overseas transaction requires a seasoned professional that understands all the nuances of dealing with a foreign buyer to make a sale go smoothly while protecting your investment at the same time. Our experience this year includes aircraft sales and delivery to customers in Spain, Venezuela, Canada, and even South Korea. In each case we helped the buyer through the entire process from inspection, offer, and escrow through delivery.

Our pricing structure is set up to be flexible based on your specific situation. We offer the options to set a flat fee or take a percentage commission based on final sales price. Either way, you can rest assured we will give you the highest performance for your investment.