Exclusive Benefits

When you list with Noland Aviation you get the benefit of actual market experience. We not only broker aircraft, but own many of the aircraft we sell. This also allows us the flexibility to accept a trade-in so as to facilitate the sale of your aircraft. It has been our experience over the years that 40% of aircraft buyers have a need to trade in their current aircraft. For this reason, you need to partner with a broker who has the financial platform to accept trade-ins.

Once we acquire the information for your aircraft, our marketing team will go to work on a custom campaign designed to not only get your aircraft maximum exposure, but also exposure to real buyers. We utilize the latest advertising techniques to provide global exposure of your aircraft. Some of what you get when you list with Noland Aviation Include:

  • Custom email broadcast ads sent weekly to nearly 100,000 potential buyers
  • Listing in the global databases of both Amstat and JetNet
  • Advertising in many of the major publications
  • Full page magazine ads in both foreign and domestic publications
  • Professional photo shoot and photo editing with digital enhancing software
  • Listing on our website, one of the most advanced in the industry

What sets us apart from other brokers is that even with all of the advanced advertising options available, we still use the tried-and-true technique of calling our exclusive network of operators in the field. This produced a signed sales contract one of our King Air’s this year in less than 24 hours of being listed! This did lead to a full retail sale and, although not typical, just proves what going the extra mile can produce.

Another exclusive benefit of using Noland Aviation is the option of storing your aircraft at our facility free of charge. Often when a decision to sell an aircraft is made, it is because it is being replaced by something else. If your situation is such that you do not have the space for the aircraft being sold, allow us to store it free of charge until the aircraft sells.