Meet Our Team

Neil Noland

Neil Noland began his career with a football scholarship to the United States Naval Academy. He then went on to become a mechanical engineer and has become widely regarded as the definitive authority on gas turbines within his field. Neil currently has over 25 years of experience in aviation and over 3000 flight hours. He has personally owned over 30 aircraft and has amassed a network of contacts within the industry second to none. His passion for aviation and experience with buying and selling aircraft make him an invaluable resource for Noland Aviation.

Aaron Noland

Aaron Noland began his career with Spartan School of Aeronautics where he earned all of his ratings and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. Aaron currently has more than 4000 flight hours of which over 2500 are in business jets. Along with his duties at Noland Aviation, Aaron currently serves as a Captain for a charter company flying a Lear 45. Aaron’s real word experience in business jet aviation and his key involvement with Noland Aviation have made him an important member of the team